ITILITE launches LGBTQIA+ Employee Benefits Plan

ITILITE launches LGBTQIA+ Employee Benefits Plan

ITILITE has launched its new Employee Benefits Plan. As a part of this plan, ITILITE has revised its Employee Health Insurance Policy to cover all the employees' partners including the LGBTQIA+ and live-in partners. 


All the employees can avail the healthcare benefits that cover the best medical and mental well-being of employees with no bar on their gender, marital status, or sexual preference. ITILITE is celebrating Pride Month by encouraging a more diverse and inclusive work culture in the company.


ITILITE takes utmost pride in recognizing the individuality of each employee and empowering them and their partners to feel even more inclusive, and respected, and avail of the employee benefits. ITILITE's EBP focuses heavily on well-being by adding compassionate leaves, adoption assistance, and mental wellness initiatives. These upgraded health insurance benefits also include an increase in the maternity cover to 1 lac in addition and access to alternative treatments such as AYUSH that are extended to all employees at ITILITE. ITILITE also has an ongoing Covid Care Program that offers additional assistance in terms of home isolation management, food & telecommunication reimbursement, discount on medicines, and an emergency support helpline. Apart from that, it also provides emergency financial assistance to its employees and their partners.


Quoting Sukhpreet Swaran Sandhu, Head of Human Resources, ITILITE, "The very DNA of our people-first philosophy is to offer best-in-class benefits to everyone, with full equity & equality. At ITILITE, the definition of "spouse" is gender-neutral and includes LGBTQIA+ & live-in partners, allowing our employees to enroll & extend not only the medical insurance but also the mental wellbeing and other employee assistance programs that cover their partners. It's pride month and with this recognition of inclusivity; we take pride in becoming a strong enabler for LGBTQIA+ employees at ITILITE."


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