CredR Rolls Out 'Life Happens' Leave For Its Employees

CredR Rolls Out 'Life Happens' Leave For Its Employees

CredR has introduced a 'Life Happens' leave for its full-time employees.

Implemented for the first time, this combined single bucket of privilege leave will be given over and above the company's designated holidays. 

Full-time employees working with the company for a minimum of 3 months will no longer have to wait for their manager's approval to get these leaves sanctioned. They simply need to apply for it on the company's HRMS portal and inform their managers at least a day before the leave.

Employees can avail their 'Life Happens' leaves for any reason, including mental health and wellbeing, physical wellbeing, recuperation & rejuvenation, looking after parents/children, addressing school-related issues, excursion & menstrual health for women. Men can also avail leaves for taking care of women in their family during menstruation days. 

Employees are even allowed to take leaves for caretaking someone in their families, such as ailing parents or unwell children. Moreover, bereavement in family or friendly unplanned commitments is also covered in this leave policy.

When availing LHL leaves, employees are advised by the company to make justified usage of the leaves. All full-time staff is requested to be sensitive towards business needs like the company's peak business days, prior business commitments, deliverables and refrain from clubbing both LHLs together, with a consideration to keep the company's policies in strict adherence and not letting the privileged leaves affect the growth of the organization in any manner possible. Managers or HODs, on the other hand, are being advised to acknowledge the reasons behind the leaves of their subordinates sensitively and are required to be mindful of making sufficient arrangements to ensure business continuity.

Sasidhar Nandigam, Founder & CEO, CredR, said, "The pandemic WFH format has compelled us to acknowledge that our old HR practices seem outdated in the current scheme of things where both genders are equal contributors at home and financially. Generally, corporations offer casual, sick and privilege leaves to their employees, which does not necessarily cover all the reasons for an employee to take a leave of absence. We, at CredR, understand the essence of it and are excited to introduce a new bucket of leaves (by combining all the above) for our fellow employees. Effective today, all our employees will be eligible for 2 days of 'Life Happens' leaves in a month. We truly believe, "If you trust the people you work with to do the job in hand, they do."

The newly launched leave initiative is purely subjective to the behavior of managers and employees. Clubbing of LHL leaves with other holidays or leaves will not be allowed. 

Any misuse of 'Life Happens' leave will revoke this benefit for a particular employee, team, or department. Any escalation received regarding the stated clauses will be dealt with as 'Priority' by the company. Moreover, the HR department will directly assess managers or HOD disapproving employees' reasons behind the leave(s). The verdict of the same will be considered final and binding.


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