Hero Electric Rolls Out 'Hero Care' Program For Employees

Hero Electric Rolls Out 'Hero Care' Program For Employees

Hero Electric has introduced 'Hero Care', a flexible benefits policy for its employees that takes care of their and their family's hopes, dreams, and aspirations in different stages of life. 

The program will cover every employee who has completed a minimum of 2 years in the company.

The last couple of years have been extremely challenging for the entire world. In times like these, organisations like Hero have continued to emphasize the importance of not only well-being but also the happiness of each of their employees. Coming from the belief that – "In nature, nothing exists alone", the 'Hero Care' program thus empowers each one of them to recognise their true potential by providing them support in all means at every stage of their career. The company recognises the diverse and multi-talented employee pool and hence have discovered various approaches to entitle them to stay committed to the company's mission. 

Naveen Munjal, MD, Hero Electric said, "At Hero Electric, the health, safety and growth of our performance driven team matters to us, which is why there is an absolute emphasis on ensuring the growth of an employee entirely on their contribution to the company's mission. The 'Hero Care' program is thus a family away from home that cares for every step in our lives as we aim to create an environment that makes the work possible with respect and the traditional care for the team. Some of our initiatives that are part of this program are absolute industry firsts that not only encompass the employee but also put their family at the forefront of their careers. Hero is extremely excited to be launching this at a time when our employees have worked hard over the last two years to bring us to where we are today."

Sohinder Gill, CEO, Hero Electric said, "Today, we have over 300+ employees who have worked with us through this journey to bring it to the position we are at today. Our employees are our family and when we looked the best practices globally, we decided we had to come up with some of our own that set benchmarks for the industry, just like we did for the EVs. We truly understand the needs and wants of people through different life stages and we want to give them exactly what motivates them to be aligned with the company's goals. Hero Care is therefore not just a program, but a plan to help each one of our family members thrive and succeed in an environment that respects each one of them."

Manu Sharma, Associate Vice President – HR, Hero Electric said, "Hero has always linked the desired results with utmost level of quality and customer satisfaction. We strongly believe that employees can only be aligned to the company's goals when they are happy. Giving each one of them an opportunity to shine through merit is the hallmark of our organisation. When we analysed the factors that made a difference, we realised that smaller initiatives like encouraging employees to take up short-term learning courses or encouraging them to take up speaking opportunities made a huge difference in their productivity. We thus set out to create a workplace that truly cares about its employees and launched this program."

The 'Hero Care' program will apply to employees across their different stages in life.

Some details of the program are below: 

For Young employees: The company believes in giving wings to those who deserve it. Hence, under Hero Care, employees between the age groups of 20-25 years will be entitled to education loans and scholarships to pursue higher education based on performance. They will also be offered Flexi timings during exams and short term company sponsored courses.

For Newly Wed employees: While stepping into their next phase of life, Hero Care will provide opportunities to spouses of employees getting full time/ part-time employment in the company and on priority vehicle loans apart from existing benefits of Flexi hours for 3 months and additional leaves

For new parents: To ensure parenting is a joyful journey, the program will offer new parents, paternity leaves of 15 days and maternity benefits as per govt guidelines, Flexi hours for up to 6 months , WFH for up to 10 days in the first 3 months

For employees with children in primary education: Hero Care will further provide low interest loans for school admissions, organise get togethers for children of the same age group, family holiday vouchers to ensure they get to spend time with family and experience a new city every year

For employees with children in higher education: The program will not only provide scholarships and loans for meritorious children to pursue a course of their choice, Hero Care will also give offer paid internships and support them in skill enhancement and job search so they are placed in the best institutions

Employees in their Mid-life: The company under Hero cares will offer long term Home loans at fixed interest to give wings to their dreams, offer speaking opportunities, allow for leave accumulation and organise hobby classes to keep their minds off work and learn a new skill because it is never too late to learn something new. 

Employees in their Fifties: will get benefits of flexi timings, life insurance, have the flexibility to take sabbaticals using their accumulated leaves and also focus on bettering their lifestyles with Annual health check-ups

Post retirement: Hero Care will help employees who retire at Hero Electric to kick start their second innings by getting them inducted into a prestigious Ex-Hero Club to avail benefits of Annual Heath check-ups for upto 5 years. Such employees will also get opportunities to consult and mentor at other organisations through Hero. Hero will also offer job opportunities to their offspring based on merit

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