ITLH primed to hire over 100 employees

ITLH primed to hire over 100 employees

ITLH is primed to hire more than 100 employees in the year 2022 (FY 22) for their office headquarters in Navi Mumbai. The company is anticipated to grow 10 times its current size by the end of this year. 


The tech-skill upgradation center for fostering proficient professionals into the industry was already operating with a robust and dynamic team of 40 odd employees, and the new recruitments would further bolster the 6 core verticals of the organization, including Sales, Marketing, Quality Analysis, Learning Experience Wing, Trainers and Mentors, and Human Resources. As part of their future expansion plans, the company has also revealed that they intend to expand their territorial reach to tier-1 cities and increase their focus in the Middle East by accepting more enrollments from global cities such as Abu Dhabi, Qatar, and Dubai. To instill industrial understanding, the company has appointed working professionals for training students on the weekends.


Since its inception, the tech incubator that inculcates experiential learning within design courses for UI and UX has been gearing up for growth. The company has accrued an impressive team growth rate of 60% in the latest quarter and in the ongoing stretch, by the end of the second quarter, the predicted projection is to reach a striking 80% for team growth. The positions open for recruitment will be across different roles within the company, such as – Sales, Marketing, Quality Analysis, Learning Experience Wing, Trainers and Mentors, and Human Resources.


The hierarchical positions for recruitment would vary from junior, intermediate, and senior levels. The roles available at the junior level are: sales interns, admissions counselors, social media executives, HR interns, HR executives, quality analysts, student success executives, and placement interns. Among the promising mid-level positions are social media manager, team lead sales, Q/A manager, placement manager, human resource manager, and student success manager. The senior slots will present a slew of challenges and avenues for professional progress to many aspiring industry professionals, including: director of sales; VP of sales; deputy manager of sales; VP of marketing; and technical architect, among other positions. 


As a company which is inclined towards harnessing tech-talent in the core engineering ecosystem, virtues such as resilience, hunger for growth, attitude, technical skills, and work ethic manifested in past jobs or experiences will be important factors that will be considered. For senior positions, leadership qualities and proven experience in the preferred role will be paramount determinants. 


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