Razorpay Expands Health Insurance Policy to Include LGBTQIA+ and Live-In Partners

Razorpay Expands Health Insurance Policy to Include LGBTQIA+ and Live-In Partners

Razorpay has announced revamping its Employee Health Insurance Policy to include some noteworthy benefits to cover all team members including its LGBTQIA+ teammates, Live-In partners, and their families


With a commitment to building an employee-centric work culture encouraging diversity & inclusivity, Razorpay's revised health insurance policy will now include live-in partners, same-gender partners, and those who identify as LGBTQIA+, in addition to providing other benefits such as gender reassignment surgery, infertility treatment among others. This initiative has its origins in believing that caregiving is not always limited to immediate family members as done traditionally but it also transcends through our loved ones, irrespective of one's identity. The company stays committed to the well-being of its team members and their families by providing a health insurance cover that all team members will love.


This industry-first move makes Razorpay the first Fintech unicorn in India to introduce a thoughtfully diverse and highly inclusive insurance policy for its team members. The new insurance policy, introduced recently, will be applicable to all current team members of Razorpay. 


Anuradha Bharat, Vice President, People Operations, Razorpay said, "For Razorpay, our people are our lifeline and we value them and their health. They've always been at the core of everything we do. The thought behind launching this revamped Health Insurance policy was led by the desire to find ways of building a workplace that practices diversity and inclusivity. We want to continue taking care of the health of all our team members including LGBTQIA+ teammates, Live-In partners, and their families as they play a crucial role in our everyday lives. With this initiative, we're revolutionizing 'caregiving' by extending our cover beyond the traditional definitions of a family."


"Furthermore, the pandemic has reaffirmed our faith that everyone is equal. We, at Razorpay are proud custodians of a workplace that is free of bias or discrimination, full of equal opportunities, and a safe place to work for people irrespective of their identities. We believe in ensuring a healthy environment for all of our team members. A progressive work culture that accepts and celebrates individual diversity will always bring out the best in employees, allowing them to perform better", she added.




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