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Enroute to glory

Five women entrepreneurs share inspiring tales of how they pushed barriers to move ahead and seel success..

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Working with the under 25

While some consider working with the young, energetic, radical lot stimulating, there are some who think that short- term gains and quick fixes are all that matters to them…...

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Employee choice in benefits

Employee choice in benefits is the future.The right mix of what choices to offer to maintain cost and provide better value that benefits both the employee and the employer will go a long way....


Key to The ‘right selling’

With the industry expanding at a rapid pace, it is essential for insurance companies to focus on strategies that prepare and equip its people with the right skills to succeed. To achieve this, players must embrace a coaching and mentoring culture...

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Social quotient at workplace

Social quotient is about having a work environment high on social element which enables the required level of informal bonding among employees. This in turn creates an environment of fun and friendliness which directly impact the happiness level of employees....

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Bell curve of hill curve: An imperative transition

It is well understood that the performance appraisal is a crucial process for both employers as well as employees. The bell curve is a graphical representation which shows that every employee's performance is not the same.....

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A believer in human potential, Kiran Aidhi's value of standing for doing the right thing and ensuring that integrity forms an integral part of all her transactions has definitely helped her win the confidence of not only the stakeholders but the employees and team members.....

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Overcoming gender stereotypes at work

After two decades of constant battle for women empowerment and gender equality, according to ILO, women are only slightly better off in terms of attaining equality at work, although, miles away from meeting expectations....

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Engaging in the cloud

Companies across the map are realizing the ever increasing importance of the digital infrastructure. With an influx of Gen-Y employees, it is all about the 'experience'. However, how far are we from sharing a coffee in the clouds?....

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  • Make a choice!

    Many a time, work related conflict between a manager and his subordinate,...
  • Time To Revisit

    Attracting and retaining employees is a perennial problem...
  • Radhika’s Dilemma

    The growth of any organization depends on the core values of the...
  • Handling Employee Indiscipline

    Holistic Corporation is an IT firm which is Mumbai based...
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  • Having read all of the issues in these 17 long years, I can confidentially declare that HC today is a world class HR journal, with its positioning that is strong and erudite. Articles by your correspondents are sharp, researched extremely well, global in its outlook and contemporary. Proud to be associated with Human Capital.
  • Dr. Ganesh Shermon, Partner - Platform Solutions, North America, TCS Canada Inc.
  • I like the breadth of topics which are covered in the different functional domains of HR. It gives me an opportunity to meet many thought leaders from a wide spectrum of organizations. Also periodical views from business leaders on HR as well as a section for new age professionals are something that I look forward to.
  • Hemalakshmi Raju, Head L&D – Commercial Vehicle & International Business & Global Leadership, Tata Motors
  • I have been an avid fan of the 'Human Capital' magazine for the last 10 years. The articles published are a treasure for any HR professional. Kudos to the HC team for their relentless effort in bringing emerging trends and cutting-edge knowledge from across industries to the readers. The case study and the 'Persona' sections are the icing on the cake!
  • Saurav Ray, Head – L&D and Talent Management, Passenger Vehicle Business Unit | Tata Motors

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  • Working with the under 25

    By Sannita Chakraborty Saha
    While some consider working with the young, energetic, radical lot stimulating...
  • More than a catchphrase

    By Sannita Chakraborty Saha
    Both being an integral part, whom do we recognise...
  • The leadership bench

    By Sannita Chakraborty Saha
    Identify the potential leaders early We are facing a serious...
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