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  • Oct-2012

    Bullying on the rise

    In a survey commissioned by Career Builder among 3,892 US professionals, the consensus sugge...
  • Sep-2012

    Eat healthy, work better!

    When it comes to meeting everyday deadlines, most working professionals tend to neglect their...
  • Aug-2012

    Help others to help yourself

    For a fast-paced career growth, leaders have to focus not only on their own careers but also ...
  • July-2012

    Glaring skill gaps

    The Future of Manufacturing: Opportunities to Drive Economic Growth, a joint report by the Wor...
  • July-2012

    Work-life imbalance

    A research report by Catalyst, Talent Management in India, brings forth a staggering observa...
  • July-2012

    What 'to-do' list!

    A survey of 6,500 professionals by LinkedIn, revealed that 63% of Indian participants regularl...
  • July-2012

    Constant monitoring

    Aiming to prevent security breaches, most employers are expected to monitor their employee's ...
  • July-2012

    Faltering strategies

    Next Generation HR, a Hay group study, underlines the ironic insignificant contribution of HR ...
  • July-2012

    Beyond glass ceiling

    A recent whitepaper by Kelly services highlights that though the ratio of women professionals ...
  • July-2012

    Positive shift in employee engagement

    There is a global positive shift in employee engagement initiatives, as per the Global Engage...
  • May-2012

    Convoluted pension structures

    Mercer UK has unfolded a host of challenges that complicate the defined contribution pension ...
  • May-2012

    Choicest devices at work

    Productivity and flexibility go hand in hand and VMware's 'New Way of Work Study 2012' yet ...
  • May-2012

    On the professionals' radar

    In the era of ever-increasing technological dependence, it is a staggering realization that pr...
  • May-2012

    Peeved yet hopefulů

    Ever-increasing stress in European employees In the wake of ceaseless financial crisis and eve...
  • May-2012

    Changing attitude towards social media

    As suggested by Gartner, less than 30% of large organizations are expected to block social med...

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  • Insightful and deals with contemporary issues. Language is mostly simply and reader-friendly. The simple language is also one of the reasons why I like the magazine. Overall, a good magazine.
  • Rajorshi Ganguli, Vice President - HR, Global Generics, Dr Reddy's Laboratories Limited
  • A regular reader of Human Capital, articles are of high quality and cover current HR trends and challenges written by experts who have hands on experience of the area. Regular features such as debate, case study and law at work, etc., give different experiential perspective.
  • Santosh Rai, HR & IR, L&T Special Steels and Heavy Forgings , Hazira ,Surat(guj.)
  • A leading magazine in the HR and Organization space, I strongly recommend Human Capital to my professional colleagues. The topical nature of the articles, experience sharing from other professional colleagues, specialist views on areas , and the effort by the magazine to combine HR with business imperative makes a great read.
  • Dr. Sandeep K. Krishnan, Associate Director - People Business.
  • Style of presentation of the magazine, with an overview and possible pitfalls of each topic makes it an interesting raed . Kudos to the Human Capital's editorial team for a job well done! I just hope that there are more interesting stories, comprehensively covering a particular aspect of HR.
  • Dipankar Das, Training and Quality Delivery Leader, IBM GPS, India.

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