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  • By Sannita Chakraborty Saha
    Twenty-three years old Vishal Sampath, a final year management student from a leading busines...
  • Oct-2013
  • By Abhijit Bhaduri
    India will soon have a fifth of the world's workingage population. Hiring fresh undergraduate...
  • Oct-2013
  • By Anita Bandyopadhyay
    The concept of 'war for talent' was introduced to us way back in 1997. Since then most org...
  • Oct-2013
  • Institute reputation ensures robust placement The reputation of a b-school is important in ens...
  • Oct-2013
  • By David Lobo
    Identifying and creating a talent pipeline is a primary focus area for most companies across ...
  • Oct-2013
  • By Mark Driscoll
    Acouple of decades back, there was a refrigerator brand which launched an ad campaign with th...
  • Oct-2013
  • By Nitin Razdan
    They're young, smart, and they run their virtual cafes on their iPhones while working simult...
  • Oct-2013
  • By Padma Rajeswari
    Annie is in her final semester of her software engineering and is troubled by the surge of m...
  • Oct-2013
  • By Rajeshwar Tripathi
    We all clearly remember our first day at school, teary-eyed, being dragged from the comfort o...
  • Oct-2013
  • By Shailja Kaushik
    The once rampant enthusiasm on college campuses have quietened this placement season with few...
  • Oct-2013
  • By Prof. Vijay Kumar
    The current extremely dynamic business environment demands organizations to adapt and respo...
  • Oct-2013
  • By Shalini Pillay
    The transformational makeover of the Indian economy in the past two decades has underscored ...
  • Nov-2010
  • By Arva Shikari
    Employers unfold what would be b-school grads level playing ground as they kick start their pro...
  • Nov-2010
  • By Prithvi Shergill
    Candidates need to be aware of what their profiles reflect on social networking sites as employ...
  • Nov-2010
  • By Dhananjay Bansod
    Here's a wish-list that b-schools can follow for enhancing employability of b-school grads....
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    • Insightful and deals with contemporary issues. Language is mostly simply and reader-friendly. The simple language is also one of the reasons why I like the magazine. Overall, a good magazine.
    • Rajorshi Ganguli, Vice President - HR, Global Generics, Dr Reddy's Laboratories Limited
    • A regular reader of Human Capital, articles are of high quality and cover current HR trends and challenges written by experts who have hands on experience of the area. Regular features such as debate, case study and law at work, etc., give different experiential perspective.
    • Santosh Rai, HR & IR, L&T Special Steels and Heavy Forgings , Hazira ,Surat(guj.)
    • A leading magazine in the HR and Organization space, I strongly recommend Human Capital to my professional colleagues. The topical nature of the articles, experience sharing from other professional colleagues, specialist views on areas , and the effort by the magazine to combine HR with business imperative makes a great read.
    • Dr. Sandeep K. Krishnan, Associate Director - People Business.
    • Style of presentation of the magazine, with an overview and possible pitfalls of each topic makes it an interesting raed . Kudos to the Human Capital's editorial team for a job well done! I just hope that there are more interesting stories, comprehensively covering a particular aspect of HR.
    • Dipankar Das, Training and Quality Delivery Leader, IBM GPS, India.

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